Rutgers Study: Flowers Boost Seniors’ Well Being

Monarch Butterfly on Butterfly BushWe often talk about the legal forms and agreements we need to have. We discuss long term care insurance and how to make sure we are taken care of (or take care of ourselves) as we age. This time I’d like to talk about something else. Today let’s talk about flowers.

Everyone likes them.  Every woman wants them. Most men don’t mind buying them for their wives, girlfriends, etc.  On Saturday as we walked through the Philadelphia Flower Show I noted the many seniors and mature adults at the event.  Wheelchairs and walkers didn’t stop them from attending to see the magnificent floral displays. This year’s British theme, BRILLIANT!,  included displays of Big Ben, a monument garden with fountains and a gently moving statue (mime) as part of the imaginative display.  Perhaps the show attracted these seniors because they love gardening. Perhaps they just wanted to get out of their homes for a change of atmosphere.  Perhaps it was because even as we age, we remember the happy occasions when flowers were a part of our life celebrations or marked special moments with a loved one. Receiving flowers elicits fond memories for most of us. Perhaps it is simply that flowers make us happy, much like balloons and ice cream and parties. No matter how young or old we are, most of us love flowers.

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