Planning for the Future of Your Adult Special Needs Child


Special Needs KidsMany parents of children with special needs ask themselves: Who will care for my child once I am no longer able to? Where will he or she live? Where will financial support come from? Who will advocate for my child? What will happen when he or she reaches adulthood?

These are common questions, which all should be asked in preparation for when parents can no longer care for their child due to advancing age or death. By planning for your child’s future now, you can establish parameters for the level of care needed in the future and prepare your family for their roles and responsibilities in your child’s future.

Begin Planning Early
A small amount of planning now in preparation for a child’s care as an adult can help parents avoid a crisis in the future. To begin special needs planning, parents should consider meeting with an elder law attorney to having the following documents drawn up: a durable financial power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, a letter of intent, physician’s directive or living will and, if appropriate, a declaration of guardianship. These documents will facilitate the care of your adult special needs child, and will help ensure that he or she will be eligible for public benefits.

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