Caregiver Appreciation

As we know, May is Older Americans month but let’s also remember to celebrate the more than 45 million family members who care for seniors on a daily basis. On average, these caregivers provide 20 hours of unpaid caregiving support each week.

Josh Fotheringham, a former Apple software designer and current CEO of Caring in Place®developed the Caring in Place® iPhone app and online portal to help family members manage the complexities of caring for their aging loved ones.

Caring in Place® has recently partnered with a healtheo360® which is a company that brings together individuals with similar health conditions or health-related experiences. Through an active online community, patients and caregivers connect and share insights and experiences.

healtheo360® gives patients, caregivers, family and friends the ability to share their stories via video or text. Members can follow each other on their journeys, communicate with each other throughout the site, and participate in various support groups. This online community helps caregivers communicate with one another and provides access to a support team of other caregivers who are going through similar experiences.

Together these two companies are combining knowledge and experience with a support group-like community. When caring for seniors, family caregivers tend to put their own health and lives aside in order to support their loved ones. By doing so, they can experience “Caregiver Burnout,” a term the healthcare industry uses to describe the decline in the health of the caregiver. The focus of the partnership between Caring in Place® and healtheo360® is to support family caregivers and help them avoid “Caregiver Burnout.”

Through Caring in Place®, you can build an “Intelligent Checklist™, a to-do list that you can customize and share with other family members, friends and neighbors. For example, you can create a video showing them how you set-up your loved one’s pill boxes, change bandages or other caregiving tasks that you do on a daily basis. By educating and engaging others in how to care for their loved ones through the Caring in Place® and healtheo360® applications, caregivers can avoid “Caregiver Burnout.”

Although caring for an aging loved one can be extremely tough at times, know that there are tools available to help not only elders but also the caregivers. When celebrating Older Americans Month remember to thank and celebrate those caregivers who give who put their own lives and priorities aside to help take care of their loved ones to make sure they are safe and healthy.

If you are currently a family caregiver, join the healtheo360® community by going to or by downloading the free app from the iTunes App store.

Access the Caring in Place® platform by  visiting or by downloading the free iTunes App.

Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.

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