Planning for Special Needs Children

Special Needs KidsIt’s no surprise that having a special needs child is both challenging and rewarding.  Not only are there school and medical issues to consider, there are also the financial needs of your child.  Planning for your child’s financial well-being should be an important part of your estate plan especially since improved healthcare has allowed children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and Down’s Syndrome, to live longer.

What do you need to do to provide for your special needs child?  These things can help during the special needs child planning process.

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Veterans Benefits: How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help

iStock_000002426869XSmallAs a nation we are proud of our veterans and grateful for their bravery. Nevertheless, we often hear of veterans who are not receiving the help and benefits they need. In a situation like this, an Elder Law attorney can provide counseling and legal assistance to help determine the benefits you are entitled to, how to apply for them and when to file appeals for rejected claims.

As a veteran, you are eligible to apply for a variety of benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides health care and long-term care, disability compensation and Aid and Attendance Pension benefits to veterans.

1. Medical and Health Benefits

The VA provides a variety of health care benefits. Some of the benefits include preventative care services, outpatient and inpatient diagnostic and treatment services, prescriptions, mental health care and long-term care servicing.

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