Helping Older Adults Overcome the Holiday Blues

During the holiday season, many people experience sadness, especially older adults. Memories of family and friends who have passed on or the longing for family holidays of the past can cause them to feel isolated even when they are with family.

Often when elderly loved ones live alone, the warning signs of sadness and seasonal depression go unnoticed. During the holiday season, pay close attention to your older loved ones and watch for the warning signs of holiday blues: persistent sadness, feelings of worthlessness or helplessness, weight changes, withdrawal from social activities, slowed thinking or response, inability to concentrate, and excessive worrying.

If you sense that your elderly loved ones are unhappy, follow the tips below to help brighten the holiday season for them:

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Can You Get Paid for Family Care-giving?

iStock_000000405725XSmallMany baby boomers find themselves caring for an aging parent or parents. If you have a large family, the responsibility can be shared among your siblings and other family members. Unfortunately, some family members do not make themselves available to assist nor do they have concern for the aging adult, so often the elder care falls on only one or two children. These individuals then shoulder the entire responsibility for the care of the aging parent(s) – often at great personal sacrifice – including loss or decrease in income, additional financial burden, and loss of many hours of personal time.

If you are currently juggling your own home and family care and are now adding the care of an aging parent or relative, there may be some financial help available to you. Monetary compensation may be available in certain circumstances.

Before contacting any of these organizations or departments it is best to have the individuals’ financial records and also their medical records and history.

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Things to Know When a Loved One Enters a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Care Plan | Geriatric Care Manager

Most people want to age in place and, for the most part, that is possible. Yet, chronic conditions, declining health and dementia make it necessary for a spouse or parent to go into a nursing home. We offer extensive assistance with long-term care planning for seniors, but it’s vital to have peace of mind that your loved ones are being cared for.

It’s a natural to ask: How can you make sure that your family member is getting the best care possible? Here are some things you can do:

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