Fall Fun for Elder Care Givers

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Summer has come to a close and fall is right around the corner! Fall is a great season for family activities and elder care givers should get their parents involved as well. Here is a list of senior-friendly fall activities that elders and their care givers will enjoy.

Apple Picking- Walking or wheeling through an orchid gathering crisp, sweet apples is a great way to bond and enjoy the weather on a cool autumn day. You can even take the apples home and enjoy baking warm apple pie with the apples you both handpicked!

Canning the Last of the Summer Fruits and Veggies- Gather the remaining fruits and vegetables and preserve them to enjoy until next year. You can create jam, jellies or pie fillings out of the last of your peaches and berries. Continue Reading Fall Fun for Elder Care Givers

Medicare Claims and Appeals Information

This Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) site is dedicated to Medicare. Features include directories of contacts for each state and downloadable publications on Medicare, nursing home selection and advance directives. The national nursing home database contains detailed survey and certification data, noting deficiencies and corrective action ordered by state agencies. There is similar comparative information on all Medicare managed care organizations. Learn more.

Legal Documents You Should Have on File

A health care power of attorney is an essential part of your estate plan.

A health care power of attorney is an essential part of your estate plan.

If you ask someone what documents they think are important for most people to have, they will say a will and a marriage license. But there are others that are important to keep on file in a safe place. Be sure your loved ones know where your important documents are kept.


Health care

  • Medical history, which includes major operations and the dates they occurred, allergies, condition, current and past medications
  • Durable health care power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Do not resuscitate order

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