When is the Right Time to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

Preparation is a key component when planning for the future. Choices about where to live, long-term care and how to protect assets are common age-related decisions. One way to keep these choices from becoming overwhelming is to seek the advice and guidance of an elder law attorney.

Planning Ahead

While many people feel they don’t need the help of an elder law attorney, there are instances where the guidance and legal support of an attorney may become necessary.

Often, people disregard the benefits of consulting with an elder law attorney because they see it as an unnecessary cost, especially when they do not have any persistent health issues. However, legal and health issues can arise suddenly and without the correct preparation, elders can have a difficult time recovering and managing healthcare expenses.

An elder law attorney can help ease the process of aging by creating a living will, a power of attorney or providing guidance for those who are moving to a retirement community or selecting in-home care services. Some elders want to take care of everything for themselves, but doing so can cause unnecessary stress for both the elder and family members


Seniors often find it hard to talk to family members about difficult life decisions. Because of this, decisions that need to be made are pushed off and are then made in haste or under highly emotional circumstances. While the decisions may not be easy, an elder law attorney can help guide families through discussions about sensitive subjects like healthcare and finances. By having someone outside the family lead discussions and initiate the actions that must be taken, families and elders will feel they are in control and have a plan for the future.

Communication is also very important when a family member is the primary caregiver of an elderly loved one. Many caregivers feel a great responsibility for the happiness and health of their elderly loved one. An elder law attorney can help caregivers by assisting with care decisions and any long-term care planning needs.

When an Attorney is Needed

The legal system can be incredibly complex and confusing, which leads many elders and caregivers to unknowingly make poor decisions. When planning for your future or the future of a loved one, an elder law attorney can help ensure that you make the best decisions. Some of the most common elder law services include management of wills and trusts, handling healthcare claims, and offering guidance in public and private benefits.

Whether you are planning for your future or for the future of a loved one, talking to an elder law attorney early can make age-related choices easier and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

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