How do you know if you have the legal authority to make the decisions that are in your loved one's best interest? 
If you do not have the authority to make those decisions, who does?

In cases where a loved one does not have a Power of Attorney in place and becomes incapacitated to the point of being unable to make decisions about their own health and financial well-being, decisions will need to be made on their behalf.

Guardianship is a legal term referring to a relationship established by the court where one person acts for the benefit and protection of another person.  Petitioning for the appointment of a guardian for your loved one can be a costly and difficult process. It is best to hire an experienced attorney to assist you with obtaining the legal authority necessary to protect the interests of your loved one should he or she become incapacitated. Guardianship petitions can also become relevant for Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, and/or establishment of Special Needs Trusts.

Trust the elder care attorney experts to assist you with the guardianship process to ensure that proper decisions are made for your loved one by an individual(s) who will look out for your loved one's health and financial well-being. We can help put your mind at ease by making sure that your loved one's best interests are being looked after.

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