How do you make the best possible choices regarding guardianship for your child(ren)?

When a person reaches the age of 18 they are legally considered an emancipated adult.   That means that parents are no longer legally allowed to make medical and financial decisions for them. 

For parents of children with special needs that has the potential of causing significant problems.  In order to adequately address those problems parents are essentially left with two choices.

The first choice is to have the adult child sign Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney naming the parents as Agents.  This can only be done if the adult child is legally competent to execute a Power of Attorney.

If the adult child is not competent to execute a Power of Attorney then the only alternative is for the parents is to petition the Court to be appointed Guardian.  Petitioning for the appointment of a guardian for your loved one can be a costly and difficult process.

It is best to hire an experienced attorney to assist you with obtaining the legal authority necessary to protect the interests of your child or loved one.

Trust the Newman legal experts to assist you with the guardianship process to ensure that proper decisions are made for your child or loved one by an individual(s) who will look out for their health and financial well-being. We can help put your mind at ease by making sure that your loved one's best interests will be looked after when you are no longer able to.

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